Airrotor Repair

Pelican Dental Tech gives your dental practice a cutting edge advantage through its state of the art repair center that is equipped to handle all types of dental handpiece overhaul, repair and reconditioning services. Our professionals are adept in conducting all types of repairs and services that include dental equipment such as couplings, motors, scalers, straights, turbines, contra-angles and other equipment. 


Our quality policy 

Our repair center ensures near-new type flexibility and reliability, top material sourcing for part replacements from OEMs and economical non-OEM alternatives. The repair is conducted with extra care and precision with tolerances at par with the OEMs to obtain a prolonged life for your handpieces.

We also have a unique nine yards quality checking policy that every handpiece needs to pass before delivery. This rigorous quality test has been designed by observing the quality procedures directly from the OEMs. This test would incorporate checks for seals, bearings, polishing of the interiors as well as the exteriors, lubrication and load testing between 40 to 35 PSI. Every handpiece is also checked for concentricity, as a slight deviation from the center can create major operational problems. 

 Our technicians use industry standard gauges to check and perform all the tests on your equipment.


Quick turnaround policy 

While superior quality and professional workmanship is very important for us, Pelican Dental Tech also aims at completing all the repair work efficiently, so we can be your primary choice when it comes to  convenient and speedy dental handpiece services in Bangalore and all of India. Our repair center is capable of assessing, diagnosing and delivering your dental handpieces in the shortest duration of time.

The repair center at Pelican Dental Tech also guarantees you with a turnaround of 2 days on high-speed handpieces and 3 days on low-speed handpiece overhauls. For all other types of custom consultation and repairs, an intimation would be provided about the estimated turnaround period.